Collection and Disposal of Recyclable Material

Dear Residents of Remington MUD 1 – please read the following message from Best Trash:

We hope you and your families had a good Thanksgiving.

Best Trash has received several inquiries regarding the collection and disposal of recyclable material. Please note that Best Trash will always have a three person recycle crew. The recycle crew consists of a driver and two people in the back to collect the contents of the recycle cart from the curb. The recyclable material is dumped into a rear-load truck that looks exactly like the trash truck.

The recycle crew is dedicated to collecting only recyclable material so that when the recycle truck arrives at the recycling facility, it can be separated for processing. If you want additional information or have more questions or concerns about our services, please submit them directly to

New Trash Collection Provider

Effective November 22nd, Best Trash will be your new trash and recycle collection provider.

Trash will be collected Monday and Thursday.

Recycle will be split in the District:

  • Residents to the East of Queenston Boulevard will have recycle collection Monday.
  • Residents to the West of Queenston Boulevard will have recycle collection on Thursday.
    (Thursday recycle collection begins Thursday, December 2, 2021 because there is no collection on Thanksgiving Day.)

Best Trash will provide one 48-gallon recycle cart. New recycle carts will be delivered the week of November 15th. Do not use Best Trash recycle carts until November 22nd.

Please have trash and recycling out by 7:00 a.m.

Please see attached document showing collection guidelines and District split for recycle collection.

Detention Pond Sites

Greetings from the Board of Directors of your MUD. Please note that any orange construction fencing or other markings of areas in detention ponds in the MUD are not permanent. The MUD is evaluating the conditions of certain detention ponds.

The MUD owns and operates the detention pond sites for the primary purpose of providing stormwater detention and drainage services to property owners in the district. The static level of water in certain detention ponds and any recreational facilities on those sites (e.g., walking trails, benches, and hard-edged shorelines)are there for amenity and aesthetics purposes which are the responsibility of the HOA.

Please be careful if you enter the detention pond sites where the public is allowed. See the map on our website to see which areas the public is allowed or prohibited from entering. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MUD or its consultants through the email addresses provided on this website.

IMPORTANT – Report Plumbing Problems to the MUD

If you are experiencing an issue with your water or sewer service or another urgent issue, please call the MUD Operator’s 24 Hour Customer Service Line at (281) 398-8211 and a representative will assist you immediately. Please do not use the contact form on the website for urgent matters.

WCA Special Pickup on April 10th

Saturday, April 10th WCA will be providing a special pick up for storm debris.

The following are general guidelines:

  • Items must be at the curbside by 7:00 AM
  • Construction material will be picked up. Such as sheetrock, insulation, wood, flooring, carpet (rolled up and bound, no wider than 4 feet, and does not weigh more than 40 pounds, etc.)

Please keep in mind that helpers will be physically loading these items in the truck by hand. If items are stacked too high, they will not be unable to load those items in the truck.

WCA will not pick up items that are part of the normal heavy trash / bulk service or yard / trash waste.

Please check this website for any additional service updates.

Bulk or Yard Waste – Due to Winter Storm Event

Dear Residents of Remington MUD 1 (Stone Gate),

Since the freeze, we are averaging 2,000 more tons per week, and this is only out of our Highway 6 location, which services your community.  This averages out to an extra load per residential route per day.

This has caused a few obstacles for WCA/GFL:

  1. Our crews are not able to work as quickly as they normally do.
  2. This causes longer than normal wait times at the landfill and recycling centers.

We understand that everyone is trying to clean up their yards from the freeze, and now Spring is here!  As a temporary measure, please limit the bags that you place out for the next few weeks.  This would be very helpful and appreciated.  A good limit at this time, would be one (1) cubic foot, which is equivalent to three (3) sixty (60) gallon bags.

We understand the frustration and want to get everything serviced as much as you do.  Keep in mind this is an industry problem, not just for WCA/GFL.

As a reminder the following are not acceptable items for bulk or heavy trash.

  • Construction Debris
  • Sheetrock
  • Drywall
  • Insulation
  • Metal items (includes recliners or sofa sleepers)
  • Wood (includes wood Fencing)
  • Stone or Tile
  • Dirt
  • Concrete
  • Propane tanks Tires

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact customer service.


Thank you.